Why we’re the right choice for you

Tailored feed for optimum performance, efficiency and profit

We know what challenges the dairy industry faces, and it’s our responsibility to help farmers choose the right product at the right time for their cows.

Specialising in supplying quality, customised feed products and blends developed specifically to suit your needs, our aim is simple: to optimise your herd’s health and feed conversion efficiencies, so you can keep your milk production levels consistent all year round.

Expert support in all areas of your dairy farm operation

We understand that each and every farm faces its own challenges, so we pride ourselves on providing honest, in-depth advice in all areas of dairy farm operation.

With access to world leading product partners, we are driven to help farmers succeed and profit in the New Zealand dairy industry.

To make sure we’re adding the best value possible to your farm, we constantly ask questions and assess your situation, which is complemented by our in-house same-day grass testing service.

We’re not ‘just another sales rep’

Your farm’s success is in our best interest, so as experts in the dairy industry, we always strive to recommend the right solution for you.

Because we have our finger on the pulse, we can recommend alternative nutritional options in cases of ingredient shortages. And we always let you know if there’s a wheat, barley, canola or other price increase on the horizon, so you can make pro-active, cost-effective decisions.