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As the New Zealand dairy industry continues to face increased economic challenges, it’s more important than ever for farmers to use their land, water and livestock resources to their fullest potential to increase production and profitability levels, while also taking into account the impact on animal health, human resources and the environment.

By re-defining the currently accepted systems and attitudes being applied to dairy feeding and nutrition, as well as to the planning, budgeting and monitoring of local farming systems, we encourage our clients to demand more of themselves and their resources to ensure a long-term future in primary production.

What we do

DBC Branded Products

In-House Feed Analysis

Customised Feed Formulations

The biggest challenges for Kiwi dairy farmers

• Identifying short and long-term goals
• Setting measurable and achievable targets
• Utilising available resources to their fullest potential
• Improving animal health and fertility
• Increasing milk production
• Achieving the best possible financial returns

Here’s how we tackle them

Using sound strategic and financial planning advice, our expert team can help you create a successful business structure through goal setting, financial budgeting and benchmarking.

We extensively monitor your dairy business and formulate a feed solution that best matches your farm’s requirements. We can help you with every aspect of dairy farm operation, including:

Dairy Feed / Mineral Supplement Sales
Feed Planning
Farm Supervision
Feed Testing
Effluent Pond Management
Technical Advice

Our team of specialists are always on hand to give you technical and tailor-made advice to help you make informed decisions and achieve your full farm potential.

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